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Starcup Roastery

Brand Starcup

Category Food & Beverage


Starcup Coffee Co. is one of the leading coffee-related products suppliers in KSA. Starcup Co. represents many international café brands, perfected since 1990 with on-going enthusiasm in providing all customers with moments of delight and to provide their clients with competitive and premium quality equipment and services.


Due to the increase in competitive level, Starcup retained Carbony studios to create a new corporate identity to re-shape the business and take the brand to the upper level.

Starcup is a B2B brand; they carry a heritage since 1990. The challenge was to redefine the brand strategy, develop a new visual identity while maintaining leadership positing of the brand, creating a competitive edge against their competitors in the region.

Carbony Studios team created a very inspiring idea. Starcup brings the best ingredients from all over the world to their cafe's kitchens. Crafting their signature recipes and creating authentic experiences, the logo icon reflects the core of the business. We are coffee masters; It's about placing our experience in a memorable cup of coffee. We used a typo identity style, reflecting modification of the U letter to take the shape of a cup, topping it up with the smoke-related line. This direction created a very professional look and feel logo & a color palette got selected to confirm the brand persona. Black & yellow added a grave premium background to Starcup's persona.

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