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Integrate local culture into the brand persona.


Brands reflect what they stand for. They should be sustainable and genuine; Brand expressions must be unique with a clear purpose, mission, and value, most importantly integrated with the culture.


Brand localization equals personalization; It is the only pathway to meet customer needs & expectations. Successful localization elicits a positive sensory reaction from your target audience, conveys the message and carries the intent, and ends with evident differentiation.

Brand localization makes your content relevant and more appealing to the audience. The following understanding must be the basis of any brand localization strategy:

  1. Cultural and societal attitudes of the country.

  2. Purchasing habits and behaviors.

  3. Target markets and languages spoken.

Brands that neglect the cultural background or fail to integrate with the culture may lose customers or face social media backlash.


A culturally relevant brand aligns well with its cultural events, promotes trends that shape society today, and supports social issues while remaining true to its brand image and related to its demographic. Cultural relevance is crucial to understand and respond to an audience in a relatable way.

Brands need to remain relevant, and using storytelling to achieve a two-way conversation between brand and audience is an effective medium to achieve this.

Culture is built by humans and communicated by brands, and this is demonstrated most effectively through storytelling. If a brand image got established without considering current events and the requirements of its target audience, it would fail to connect with its surrounding communities.

Consumers no longer want to be told what their culture should look like, so they respond negatively to intrusive advertising. Instead, they want to be part of its development. Therefore, make your brand tell stories relevant to the culture in which their target audience lives.

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