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Driving launch innovations through sensorial shopper solutions

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Leverage launch campaigns with impact

A successful campaign should be built upon relevant customer strategy addressing priorities & opportunities and be associated with excellence in execution, to make it right. It should be built upon creative ideas to be unique, achieve brand purpose models & bring brand equities to life, there are important principles to consider when designing new launch campaigns.

The campaign should be designed with the shopper in mind.

Campaign strategy should be consumer, shopper & digital centric.

Explore shopper solution ideas based on trigger to barrier models

Start with shopper insights.

Make it highly ownable.

Innovate, innovate, innovate to stay.

Why shopper claims can influence

Effective in-store messaging is a key to capitalizing on shopper needs, overcoming purchase barriers and leveraging brand equities in-store. A strong in-store message is a claim, equity communication or motivation message that gives shoppers the push to make purchase decision. the content of in-store messaging.

Evolving effective shopper claims

Effective shopper message and communication should:

Stope shoppers: shoppers are on the go, so you need to break through the clutter and grab their attention.

Hold their attention: shoppers are easily distracted, so you need to help them to understand quickly what you are offering.

Motivate to buy: Overcome purchase barriers, activate drivers that cause them to choose your products on this shopping trip.

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