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Connecting, Engaging & Exciting Shoppers

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Improving shopper marketing experience with innovative displays

Today’s top brands are meeting the challenge, experiential shopper marketing signals shifts from simply selling products to selling experience, this new approach impacted by the power of five senses to connect, engage & excite shoppers.

Turning shopper insights into practice

People are talking about how important it is to reach out to shoppers. 70% of all decisions are made in store (POP institute research), 68% of all products are bought on impulse (POPAI). People say brand loyalty disappeared 68% of all shoppers are brand switchers (Nielsen media research) & the conclusion. The store has become a “moment of truth”.

Many shoppers find current category presentations in-store confusing and unexciting, in interviews, third of shoppers find that the layout could be clearer and more exciting, this can explain the fact that shoppers use at least 2 competing supermarkets / pharmacies each week for their grocery shopping. A successful shopper marketing strategy must be rooted in true shopper insight, shoppers can be influenced at the point of purchase inspirational, but to drive this into conversions we should use better insights into the shopping and decision process to make product grouping and shelving layout easier for consumers to shop.

Understanding target shoppers

Shopper needs / trip missions - what are they and how can you best address these needs? Where are key shopper decision points for your brand?

The purchase barriers: what are barriers impacting shopper purchase behaviour to be addressed to ensure that nothing gets in the way of your winning at POS.

How do shoppers navigate the store / category, what are the optimum locations for media? / POP placement to guide & influence shoppers along the path.

What is your brand health at POS, determine this by performing an in-store brand health assessment?

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