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Cindrel Water

Project Cindrel Water

Industry Food & Beverage


Originating in Romania, Cindrel is a premium carbonated mineral water rich in vitamins & antioxidants. The name smartly refers to the Cindrel mountains in the center of Romina, where a healthy natural source of water emerges. It is the ideal drink of the day for keeping a healthy and balanced body that is a healthier alternative to carbonated soft drinks. It contains zero sugar and calories, which makes it the ideal everyday choice.


The challenge was to reflect the natural look & feel of the water's origin: 'the mountains' while preserving its super-premium position.


We created a visual identity that reflects the mission and natural water origin of the brand. Cindrel packaging design tells the story, integrating aqua blue waters and orange sunny mornings. Bottles shapes tailor exclusivity reflecting the brand's Eliteness. ​

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